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Handmade Ceramics

Discover unique pieces and the artists behind them.

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Michelle Helene

Bold blobs to highlight floral friends.

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Ali Gibbons

Carving away to a piece's clay-ness.

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Troy Yoshimoto

Making the everyday even better.

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Unique Individuals

Each and every piece is presented individually. That means the piece you see in the photos is the one you'll get. You can shop with confidence and let yourself fall in love with the details.

Artists & Their Stories

Discover important context for every piece by learning about the artists, their background, and the inspiration that led to their work. Everything has a story.

Quality & Usefulness

All of the pieces are made for a lifetime of use, with some love and care. Enjoy them regularly and add the joy of handmade work to your everyday rituals.



Surface Magazine

"Supply Unica is a curated retailer of one-of-a-kind ceramic wares. Each piece is a handmade, individual work and is treated as such, creating a real and direct connection between the designer and consumer."

Nicole Yeo

"Thrilled to work with Supply Unica, a platform that supports artists pursuing explorative, unadulterated work... Proud of platforms like these that believe artists deserve more and should be better compensated for their work."

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