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Auction to support Black Artists + Designers Guild

We are hosting an auction in support of Black Lives Matter, and donating all proceeds from the sale of ceramics to Black Artists + Designers Guild (BADG).

BADG is a global platform representing a curated collective of independent Black artists, makers, and designers across various art and design disciplines who are at the top of their respective fields. BADG was founded by Malene Barnett, an artist and ceramicist based in Brooklyn, NY, to combat the lack of representation of Black talent and culture in the design industry.

D&D Building “A Celebration of Black Art+Design”, Photo by BADG

For the next week starting on Monday August 3rd, we will be auctioning numerous pieces from our makers, which you will be able to find through our Instagram channel @supplyunica. You’ll be able to bid on specific pieces on each Instagram post by leaving a comment with your bid amount until 11:59pm ET on August 9th. We’ll announce winners for each piece on Monday, August 10th and coordinate fulfillment individually.

Here are some of the pieces that will make their way into the auction:

"She has the tendency to put too much on herself" by Nicole Yeo

Slab-Thrown Fruit Bowl by James Rivas

Mini Bud Vases by Bombabird

Thanks for joining us in support of BADG.

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