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About Us

Wynne Noble Handmade Ceramics

Ceramics are fantastic. They are beautiful, functional, and have so much room for unique characteristics. It's an expression of form and usability with a rich cultural history - and when you find that one perfectly individual piece, it's true love.

The problem is, shopping online for ceramics sucks.

Most of the time, you won't be able to see every angle of the pieces - and the foot, which is a favorite detail for many, is a complete afterthought. Products are littered with disclaimers warning the piece you'll receive will be different than what you see in the photos. And perhaps worst of all, the artist's story and relationship to their work is absent, leaving a bastardized product without any context at all.

It doesn't have to be that way; SUPPLY UNICA was started to give handmade ceramics the attention they deserve.

Each piece is presented as an individual, so every unique detail or variance you see is the one you'll get. Those differences are what makes them perfect, after all. The piece that speaks to you most is yours - and only yours - to take home. There will only ever be one in stock of each.

These pieces come from artists who strive to create something of quality. These artists are the real-life makers behind these pieces, and their unique inspirations are the origins of their work. The artists have graciously shared their stories with us, and you can find more about them around the shop.

While mass-production, excess, and corner-cutting continue to find their way into more and more of our lives, we're doing what we can to stand for quality, sustainability, and transparency. We support our artists as aggressively as possible, use 100% recycled, recyclable, and/or reused packaging, and give credit to the individuals that make SUPPLY UNICA possible. Please remember any purchase you make is a choice about what you value. Your support for the shop and our artists is appreciated.

We started SUPPLY UNICA so you can find your favorite piece in a fun and thoughtful experience. We hope your time here and with your pieces make your day just a little bit better.

SUPPLY UNICA is operated by Amy, Jackie, Marcus, and the most mischievous dog, Donut, in Brooklyn, NY.

Donut, the dog
Photo by the always-inspiring Aliza Eliazarov.