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About Us


We are SUPPLY UNICA, a small team that exists to spread appreciation for the craft of handmade ceramics by connecting people to makers and their stories.

Objects that are handmade are not only beautifully unique, they often arise from a framework that appreciates sustainability and culture, in which individuals and small businesses thrive. We work with makers and local businesses in our community to explore creative ways to share their work and stories with the world.


We began in 2017 as an online store, where rising and established makers showcased their work, and everyone had access to purchase the collections that were debuted. Every collection featured unique pieces as well as interviews and stories to highlight the myriad narratives behind the work. Each sale went to support an artist's practice directly.

In 2019, we launched UNICA, a publication that includes long-form stories about the origins of handmade work. Issue 1 is a magazine centered around seven makers from around the world, sharing their sources of inspiration, process, and work. Issue 2 is currently in the works.

We work to ensure we are making conscious decisions along the way - whether it's using recycled packaging or sustainably sourcing, we acknowledge that we are a part of the larger ecosystem and are finding ways to consciously give back.

SUPPLY UNICA strives to foster community. We work with studios and other local businesses to host classes, promote makers, and curate events around the influence of handmade ceramics. We thrive on the connections that are made as a result of sharing stories and bringing people together over the handmade.