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Discovery at the End

The most precious objects are shaped from our humble hands. From pushing, pulling, and playing with clay, we create objects, experiences, and stories that bring value to our lives. The team at SUPPLY UNICA has worked these last few years to celebrate the medium of clay, and to bring to light the stories that have connected us in our humanity, within the ceramics community, and beyond.

With great humility, we have decided to wind down operations of SUPPLY UNICA.

We are incredibly grateful to our supporters along this journey. Thank you to the makers who have shared with us your wonderful work and stories, and to each person who visited our site, purchased a piece, celebrated at our UNICA launch party, and graciously supported our work in this journey.

We’ve met some incredible people around the world - and we feel honored to have been a part of this amazing community.

In light of the impact of this past year, we can see the persevering resilience, comradery, and generosity that makes this community what we admire. As the world works to heal, we know it will be once again nurtured back by the same hands that brought us together.

Thank you for being a part of this journey, we are so grateful to you.

Marcus & Jackie

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