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Troy Yoshimoto Ceramic Whiskey Cups

Troy Yoshimoto is an industrial designer and ceramicist in New York City. Troy combines his passion and experience in both design and ceramics to create pieces with the intent of improving everyday moments, practically.

Many of the techniques Troy uses in his work leans on his background in design, but the medium of ceramics provides unique challenges. His signature Double Wall process is a difficult, but ingenious way to make a morning coffee even better.


Double Wall

Troy makes these cups with two unbelievably thin walls of stoneware, creating a perfectly insulated piece that's surprisingly light.

The animation on the left is a cross-section of a Double Wall cup.

Troy Yoshimoto Ceramics Double Wall

Whiskey Cup Speck

Also made of paper-thin stoneware, these Whiskey Cups are just the right size and shape for an invigorating pour of your favorite beverage.

Whether neat or on the rocks, these cups can stand up to any order.

Troy Yoshimoto Ceramics Whiskey Cup

Whiskey Cup Swirl

The pattern in these cups are made into the stoneware itself, prior to even being molded. This results in a natural finish incorporated into the cup.

This animation is the swirl making process.

Troy Yoshimoto Ceramics Swirl

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