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UNICA Open Call: Issue 2

SUPPLY UNICA is having an Open Call for Issue 2 of UNICA, a magazine that shares stories about how ceramics influence the world around us.



In our first issue, we explored how ceramics influence our lives through the theme of sharing food. Food speaks universally to us physically, symbolically, culturally, emotionally.

In UNICA Issue 2, we will explore the relationship between Ceramics & Baking by examining the parallels between the crafts. Baking and ceramics are universal and familiar practices that have been developed through history, shared cross-culturally, and utilize similar processes. By exploring the relationship between what goes into these crafts, our goal with this issue is to tell the story of 'how' before 'what'.

We are looking for artists who want to share their unique approach to clay, who are inquisitive in the methods they use, who consider the materials they choose, and who make things by hand. Take us through the various stages of your work, and how you get to your final results.

A few questions we're curious about:

  • Where do your ideas stem from?
  • What materials do you choose? Why do you choose them and where do they come from?
  • What are your methods? How did you learn them?
  • Who do you make for?
  • What is the experience that you want to create?

1. Explore these questions and respond to the theme "Ceramics & Baking: The Processes".
2. Include with your submission visuals of your work and process. There is no limit to the number of pieces you can include.
3. E
mail your submission to ARTISTS@SUPPLYUNICA.COM

If you are selected through this open call, we will work with you to showcase your process, and to highlight a body of work - existing or new. The selected work will be featured in the second issue of UNICA magazine, and on our website along with your artist bio.

The deadline for submissions to ARTISTS@SUPPLYUNICA.COM is May 3, 2019.
All work, new and proposed, has to be received by May 31, 2019.

We look forward to hearing from you!