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UNICA Mag: Ceramics | Sharing Food

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UNICA is a magazine that shares stories about how ceramics influence the world around us, launching January 24th.

In 2017 we started by building a platform to help ceramicists showcase their work and share their inspirations. And through that process we’ve had the privilege of meeting artists and studio owners from around the world.

We were drawn to their stories—their histories, their cultures, their experiences—hungry to understand the invisible bonds that bring the ceramics community together. Their stories consumed us, and we wanted more.

Which brings us to our biggest project yet.

ISSUE 1 is a 100-page collection of stories, photographs, and art exploring the relationship between ceramics and sharing food.

It all started during a potluck at Togei Kyoshitsu, a ceramics studio in New York City. Over bites of Jackie’s homemade bread, we shared an idea: There’s something special about the way ceramics and food bring people together.

So, it was only natural to start our inaugural issue there. We hosted an Open Call in August and received a response far beyond our expectations. Within a few weeks, we read submissions from around the world, detailing artists’ intimate connections with food and clay. We were inspired—and moved.

In this issue, you’ll meet food-industry veterans, Wynne Noble and Fernando Aciar. You’ll learn about the exploration of cultural meaning from Stephanie Shih and James Rivas. You’ll view passion-fueled collections by Anna Crooks and Gina Tibbott. And you’ll be conceptually challenged by Guilia Bonora’s sculptures. Along the way, you’ll also see a variety of poems, paintings, and recipes from contributing artists.

Through your support, you will help bring UNICA to life and support the team as we begin working on future issues. We hope you’ll join us as we share these stories, and that you’ll be as inspired as we’ve been.

Thank you,

Jackie Zhao & Marcus Im

A huge thank you to Emanuel Hahn for putting together our video and contributing to the issue. To PACSSU, Mia White, and Erin Zobitz, thank you for your generous guidance and hard work. And thank you to all of our friends, family, and supporters for helping us bring these stories to life! None of this would be possible without you.