Watch: Studio Visit with Risa Nishimori


SUPPLY UNICA is a culmination of many efforts, so we'd like to use this space to thank everybody who helps make this all possible. This list should hopefully continue to expand over time, so please come back and see who has been involved.

Thank You to...

  • Aliza Eliazarov for being gracious with me while I was still grasping for direction and progress. You've kept me grounded in so many ways, and your advice (and patience!) especially about photography has been all the difference.
  • Risa Nishimori for always being so generous with your advice, time, and support while getting Supply Unica off of the ground - especially while I bombarded you with a million questions and ideas. There were a lot of bad ideas, and I could always trust your voice.
  • Erin Zobitz for modeling so graciously.
  • Rob Van Wyen for always providing me honest and tangible advice while navigating the waters of design. You are incredible at what you do, and it's a total blessing to have your feedback.
  • Donut for being a pretty lousy "Assistant" and overall good boy.