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The Value of Rest

Troy Yoshimoto Ceramic Whiskey CupWith the holidays upon us, it’s great to hear artists are taking time to be with loved ones. Many are closing down their businesses for a short period, disconnecting from the work that often consumes them throughout the rest of the year. This season is a reminder that balance in resting is vitally important.

Sometimes, it’s easy to be tempted to put off rest. Maybe there’s a goal just within reach or maybe there are important people to please. In an age of “do”, it’s an uncomfortable sensation to actively not do anything.

One of the values that led to starting Supply Unica is sustainability. Without sustainability in work, the effects are immediate. Relationships, physical health, and funny enough, the quality of work all begin to deteriorate. Rest, on the other hand, can reinvigorate creativity, restore dedication to goals, and provide a space to dream. It also leads to longevity in business practices.

As a commitment to sustainability, over the next two weeks, Supply Unica will be maintained minimally. We’ll have a new collection, but otherwise, I’ll be spending time with my dog, Donut, and getting excited about what comes next for the business.

For those who are able, enjoy your rest this holiday season and dream long of what 2018 can be. See you in the new year!

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