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Thanksgiving & Black Friday

Oatmeal Ceramics Union Knot Necklace

Isn’t Thanksgiving the best? There’s something special about people coming together, spending time to make a meal, and finally enjoying the delicious results. It’s a day full of thoughtfulness, appreciation, and gravy — what’s there not to like?

It provides a stark contrast to Black Friday, where discounts and endless waves of mass-produced things can create a claustrophobic sense of panic.

Sure, it’s a biased depiction, but I think I prefer the Thanksgiving part of this week.

That difference is also what draws me to ceramics. Our ceramics can be a small escape from the fast-paced and hectic environment we’re too often surrounded by. It takes time, thoughtfulness, and an artist’s touch to create a piece — and we get to enjoy the results. Today, you’ll find the new collection from Oatmeal, all hand-made by Elise in her Pittsburgh studio.

This Thanksgiving, let’s take it slow and remember how fortunate we already are. Enjoy your holiday and have a safe, delicious week with your loved ones.

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