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Sugar-coated Memento Mori with Jacqueline Tse of “Mad Brooklyn”

Video by Connor Guest

When it comes to dessert, Jacqueline is obsessed. So much so that she has created countless porcelain pies, towering wedding cakes, and sundaes stacked with macaroons, sprinkles, piped icing - and skulls. Jacqueline Tse of “Mad Brooklyn” has melded together her love and hate for sweets, drawing from her background in jewelry design to create intricate confectionary sculptures.

Along with filmmaker Connor Guest, we visited Jacqueline Tse’s studio in Industry City, Brooklyn to catch a glimpse into her creative process. Utilizing techniques that are shared with expert pastry chefs, Jacqueline Tse walked us through how she slipcasts skulls, assembles cream puffs, pipes airy porcelain into soft serve swirls, and even makes the occasional waffle - edible - which she then translates into molds for casting.

What originally came to her as a vision of fetus skulls and cream puffs morphed into a body of work that embodies a madness that is characteristic of her fearless creativity.


You can chat with Jacqueline during our UNICA LIVE session next week, Tuesday 4/28 at 6PM. Viewers have the opportunity to ask questions about her practice and work. You can also submit questions beforehand here, for the moderator to discuss with Jacqueline.

The goal behind these live sessions is simple: we are looking for ways to support makers and studios during this challenging time, while bringing their stories into light. So, we are asking for suggested donations of $5 to attend these discussions. You can send your support to, with a note that says "Jacqueline Tse". Proceeds will go directly to support the maker. ❤️ Hope to see you there.


Jacqueline’s work is exhibited in galleries and shows nationwide.


Connor Guest is a filmmaker and data scientist who creates visual stories with a focus on environmental and climate issues. Connor recently returned to the states after working in emerging markets in Africa and Asia, collaborating with startups as a storytelling fellow and data analyst. He is currently working with WattTime, a nonprofit that offers technology solutions that give people the agency to choose clean energy.

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