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One of a Kind

Nicole Yeo Ceramic Bud Vase

Shopping online for ceramics can suck. Shops are littered with disclaimers like “patterns and shapes may vary from what is pictured” — and while those variances are what make ceramics so fun, it’s never fun receiving a piece that is different from what you imagined.

This week, we get to share an artist who really exemplifies why Supply Unica got started in the first place: Nicole Yeo. Every piece in the collection is uniquely different, and there’s only one of each in the world. That perfectly individual piece you see is what you get. After all, you’re shopping, not guessing.

Every piece available on Supply Unica is always one of a kind and photographed individually, but Nicole’s work takes it to a new level. No two pieces share much similarity, so make sure to take a close look at the intricacies. You’ll be surprised at the depth of thoughtfulness throughout the collection.

Like Nicole says, every hand-made piece is conveying something — and it’s in the details that you find that message. That’s why we photograph and sell each and every piece that comes our way. If we weren’t, what fun would we be having?

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