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Lessons from Modern Farming

Eden Weingart Handmade CeramicsI love what’s starting to happen in the American food industry. For only the second time in 100 years, farmers under the age of 35 have increased in population. Essentially, young professionals are deciding to be closer to their work and their community, often leaving behind financially-comfortable careers.

Modern farming provides some example models of how makers and producers can feasibly create good for those around them. Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a favorite, where local consumers commit to purchasing weekly produce in order to help farmers reduce volatility at market.

These models are paving a way for other industries to follow too, but just like in modern farming, it can’t just be the makers. Our communities have to get involved in order to support these makers while the larger market adapts, and that involvement can happen in many forms. What would Community Supported Pottery look like?

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