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We're honored to feature Wynne Noble! ūüė≥

Wynne Noble Ceramic Plate

Wynne Noble doesn't just walk around her studio - she flies. There is a fire in her spirit, and the passion she has for her art overflows with a palpable energy. In my first 5 minutes, she's met with clients, welcomed me to her studio, and provided instruction to her staff. It's clear she's good at this, and loves doing it too.

Meeting Wynne, you wouldn't guess she's been making dinnerware for Michelin Star-laden restaurants like Momofuku Ko, Gramercy Tavern, and Contra. She is warm, approachable, and has never forgotten the principles that drive her incredible work. She still makes all of her pieces by hand and believes in the energy of handmade work.



Created for Use

Wynne's pieces are created with the intention of being frequently used. They are oven-safe, and provide reliable pieces for work and enjoyment around the kitchen.

Wynne Noble Matte Redux Ceramic Plate


No matter the size of her demand, Wynne has continued to make her pieces by hand.

Each piece is unique and embodies the unmistakable mark of an artist's touch.

Wynne Noble Watercolor Ceramic Plate

Inspired by Nature

Ever since her youth, Wynne has been inspired by nature and the environment around her. It's evident in her plateware, aesthetic, and business practice.

She also makes non-functional pieces to spark conversation around the environment today.

Wynne Noble Ceramic Hollywood Bowls

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