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The Launch Collection: Risa Nishimori ūüėć

Risa Nishimori Ceramics Collection

Featured Artist: Risa Nishimori

We're lucky to present the work of Risa Nishimori. You've likely seen her work taking over NYC - and for good reason. Her cups are perfectly irregular, especially enjoyed on brisk mornings watching leaves beginning to fall.

We love the intricate patterns in her work, which she doesn't make with glaze, but through a unique process called Nerikomi. She finishes her pieces in a crackled clear glaze that is visually addictive.


The Dream Series

These pieces feature delicate gradients and warming colors. There's a subtle sense of relaxation while you sip tea from these.

Risa Nishimori Dream Series Cup

The Marble Series

Probably her most popular series, Risa creates marbling with her trademark Nerikomi technique. The results are unpredictable and remarkably natural.

Risa Nishimori Marble Series Vase

The Color Series

To give your home a nice pop of vibrant color, look no further than these pieces. The designs resemble paintings, but are made directly into the clay.

Risa Nishimori Color Series Cup

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