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New Cups & Plates from Risa Nishimori 😯

Risa Nishimori Ceramics Collection

Our most popular artist, Risa Nishimori is back with another collection of unique pieces. Risa's cups and plates are made using her own take on a process called Nerikomi, where she colors the porcelain before it's even formed.

Because the pieces are made using the Nerikomi technique, the patterns are inherited by the clay-body itself, creating a depth of detail that is seemingly natural to the piece. The pieces are finished in a clear glaze to highlight the patterns throughout.



Nerikomi Slabs

This animation shows the colored clay-body that Risa develops before they are taken to be formed into pieces.

In order to create these slabs, each color is made and added to the block individually.

Risa Nishimori Nerikomi


Risa is releasing a few series in this collection, including the pictured Color Blocks Cups.

The patterns found on these cups carry throughout the pieces, including the handles and feet.

Risa Nishimori Dream Series Cup


Also made with Risa's Nerikomi technique, the details found in her plates are built into the porcelain itself.

The plates Risa creates are perfect for holding small trinkets or pens, whether around the home or bedside.

Risa Nishimori Color Blocks Plate

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