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New Collection: Rise Ceramics 🌵

We're in the month of December, and of course, that means it's time for the annual gift-giving extravaganza of the holidays.

We're all familiar with it - it typically starts with composing a long lists of loved ones and ends with a surprising amount of gift wrap, filled with a million decisions in between. It's possible to get overwhelmed, and sometimes amidst the rush, we need to choose what's convenient and easy.

But when possible, we have to remember our purchasing can be some of our most powerful decisions and actions as consumers. This month can be an opportunity to thoughtfully support the people, places, and values you care for.

Today's collection is from Abby of Rise Ceramics, an artist whose inspiration comes from her experiences with nature. As the current political and environmental climates continue to heat up, her pieces are a great reminder about what is important now and for the future.

Sharing gifts for the holidays can be incredibly rewarding, gathering with loved ones to express appreciation for one another. This holiday season, let's also make the most of the opportunity to impact the rest of the year.

Rise Ceramics Collection

Featured Artist: Abby of Rise Ceramics

Abby Ronner is the artist behind the ascending studio Rise Ceramics in Brooklyn, NY. After growing up practicing ceramics in Tennessee and deepening her connection to nature over the years, Abby brought those two loves together in her work.

Whether it was the sunsets in Costa Rica or the snow-capped red rock mountains in the Western United States, Abby's experiences make their way into ceramic expressions that inspire us to slow down and appreciate the world around us.


The Montañas Line

The Montañas Line is inspired by the snow-capped red rock mountains in the Western United States.

Featuring a grainy red clay body, the bottom half of the pieces are textured to resemble mountain ridges to contrast with the glossy white glaze on top.

The Montañas Line by Rise Ceramics

The Sunrise Sunset Line

Inspired by the sunrises and sunsets on the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica, these pieces have a speckled clay body with multiple hand-painted glaze finishes.

The Sunrise Sunset Collection by Rise Ceramics

The Blue Granite Line

Designed to resemble unprocessed blue granite, these tumblers have a smooth clay body and a deep natural glaze.

The tumblers are sized for a cheerful beverage - or for housing your favorite little plant.

Blue Granite Tumbler from Rise Ceramics

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