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Have you thought about how many things have sold over the last few days? Cyber Monday alone is supposed to have seen around $6.6 BILLION in sales, with Amazon responsible for over $3 billion of that by itself. And as we e-speak, millions and millions of things are zooming their way around the country right now, all set to join the other things we have in our homes.

You can't help but marvel at how far humanity has come - especially since the days when people used to turn to their local craftsmen for everyday needs - but while we get to enjoy unseen levels of accessibility and convenience every year, sometimes it's nice to be able to appreciate something that was actually made by someone.

Today's collection is made by Risa Nishimori, a popular ceramicist who is appreciated for her unique take on a building process called Nerikomi. Even as her practice grows, Risa is still creating all of her pieces by hand, filling them with purpose and personality. Her pieces might not be as easily accessible as something on Amazon, but you'll know she made it with your enjoyment in mind.

Finding that combination of purpose and personality in the things we're surrounded by can be difficult, but once you find it, there's a special connection that's truly one of a kind.

Risa Nishimori Color Blocks Cup

Featured Artist: Risa Nishimori

Risa is back and launching a new collection of styles, once again made through her trademark Nerikomi technique. The vibrant designs aren't made by glaze, but rather by coloring porcelain and carefully layering it to create an intricately patterned slab.

Creating her own version of Nerikomi took years of trial and error, but what's resulted is undeniably Risa's own individual expression. She's still pushing herself now, working through trial and error, to continually innovate and learn.


Wood Series

Risa's Wood Series makes another appearance in this collection, except this time as a cup.

These detailed lines aren't drawn using an underglaze pencil, but all made by hand through Nerikomi.

Risa Nishimori Wood Series Cup

Color Blocks

Perhaps my favorite piece from Risa yet, the Color Blocks cup has chunky blocks of color, broken up by thin lines and bordering patterns.

The handle on this piece insane detail, even on the inside of the loop.

Risa Nishimori Color Blocks Cup

Risa Nerikomi Pins

Designed in a uncharacteristically-static collaboration with Eden Weingart, every order with Risa's pieces will include a Nerikomi enamel pin and a set of stickers.

Tell me these aren't awesome.

Risa Nishimori Enamel Pins

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