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New Collection: Miriam Brügmann ✨

Miriam Brugmann Ceramics Collection

Featured Artist: Miriam Brügmann

Miriam Brügmann is an artist from Argentina, and we can't stop raving about her. She hand-paints each of her pieces with Creatures of Power, characters from her creative universe.

I like to believe her work is imbued with magic as she transforms simple clay to symbols of strength. Any piece can brighten up a home, and even a passing glance will tease out a little smile.


Ritual Creatures

These plant pots are animal companions, serving as a reminder that nature isn't meant to be dominated, but to be seen as part of what makes us who we are.

Miriam Brugmann Ritual Creature Planter

Painted Plates

Each with a unique Creature of Power, Miriam's plates are painted by hand on white clay before being finished in a clear glaze.

Miriam Brugmann Ceramics Plate

Jardín de las Delicias

As Miriam explored Pre-Columbian cultures in Latin America, she's found inspiration in their powerful women. Her plant pots certainly embody that strength.

Miriam Brugmann Ceramic Planter

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