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Introducing JVP Wares by Jonathan Van Patten 🙇

Jonathan Van Patten Ceramic Vase

Jonathan Van Patten is a ceramicist whose pieces reflect an embrace of ambiguity, exploration, and discovery of a true self. Hard lines maze their way around the curves of thrown forms, where start and end cease to exist.

Perhaps hard to believe, Jonathan's technique of tape masking starts with just a roll of tape, a ruler, and a razor. Using simple instruments, he creates finishes with varying texture, contoured to the form of the pieces he throws.



Tape Masking

The tape mask is applied and removed precisely by hand, in simultaneously intentional and exploratory motions.

This is the peeling process once the glaze has been set and the tape is ready to be removed.

Jonathan Van Patten Tape Reveal

Palladium Tech II & IV

These pieces feature a raised glossy glaze finish, providing texture and contrast from the line patterns throughout.

Inside is simply finished with a white glaze.

Jonathan Van Patten Palladium Ceramics

Color Tech 1.4

This piece features a high-grog clay and a unique gradient finish. There are pops of color around the vessel, accentuated by the texture of the clay.

Jonathan Van Patten Color Tech Ceramic Vase

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  • How. Can you manage to cut tape so thin ?
    What kibd of tape do you use?
    The result is incredible, congratulation


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