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Introducing Gabrielle Silverlight 🙏

Gabrielle Silverlight Ceramics

Gabrielle, a ceramicist based in Philadelphia, has been exploring sculpture and shape since studying glassblowing and metalworking in school.

Gabrielle blended her experience in sculpture with functional forms to create this line, intended to inspire interaction with beauty, reflection, and mindfulness.



Shapes, Colors, Textures

This collection features a series of bold geometric shapes, colors, and textures throughout the functional wares. 

Each detail is made by hand.

Gabrielle Silverlight Ceramics

Incense Catchalls

The first in our catalogue, Gabrielle made these intricate Incense Catchalls to bring the liveliness of handmade work to one of the more relaxing rituals of our everyday lives.

Gabrielle Silverlight Ceramics

Made for Greens

As an avid green thumb herself, Gabrielle created pots perfect for housing your precious plants.

Plants and their care has been a source of inspiration for Gabrielle, teaching valuable lessons throughout the practice.

Gabrielle Silverlight Ceramics

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