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Eden Weingart & Snack Break ūüėé

Eden Weingart Ceramics Collection

Eden Weingart is an illustrator, motion designer, and ceramicist living in New York City. She started Snack Break after finding the practice of ceramics provided a more spontaneous form of creativity than what she found in her design work.

Eden's pieces have a distinct focus on shape. She uses forms and silhouettes to create personality and fun in her work. Each piece is unique and finished simply to ensure the shape and clay body can really shine through.



These pieces are made of a black clay body, using a white underglaze to create its distinct patterns.

The inside has a milky white glaze, so the texture of the clay is still visible. The outer surface is left natural with a nice, somewhat sandy texture.

Eden Weingart Shapes Cup


These pieces are agateware made of black and white clay bodies. They're wedged and thrown together to form the bold streaks throughout the piece.

You can see the streaks carry all the way from the foot to the inside, which has a clear glaze.

Eden Weingart Ceramics


These pieces are made of a speckled clay body, with a few having illustrations done by hand using a black pencil.

They have a soft white glaze inside, keeping the pieces nice and simple.

Eden Weingart Loopy Planter

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