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Slab-Thrown Serving Dish
Slab-Thrown Serving Dish
Slab-Thrown Serving Dish

James Rivas

Slab-Thrown Serving Dish

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These Slab-Thrown Serving Dishes are handmade originals by James Rivas. The pieces are a part of the collection made for UNICA Issue 1, where you can read more about James and his work.

His Slab-Thrown work is made through a unique process based on his grandmother's papusa-making techniques. After compacting the clay in his hands, he places it on a wheel to throw the foot.

James made his collection through a variety of hand-building and wheel-throwing techniques, driven by his desire to explore identity and heritage. Inspired by his daughter Ava, he started Firstborn Ceramics to pass on his exploration.

The dishes are sold individually.

This original piece is available exclusively at SUPPLY UNICA.

Measures 1" tall x 9" wide.
Weighs 1.7 lbs.
Hand washing recommended.