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Tumbler Set of 3
Tumbler Set of 3
Tumbler Set of 3
Tumbler Set of 3
Tumbler Set of 3

Troy Yoshimoto

Tumbler Set of 3

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This set is comprised of handmade originals by Troy Yoshimoto. The pieces you see in the photos are the ones you will receive.

Troy makes these Tumblers with stoneware, as lightweight yet sturdy pieces. This particular set is also a collaboration between Troy and artist Sandra Javera, who illustrated the exteriors of the cups before they were covered in a clear glaze.

Sandra Javera is an illustrator who hails from Brazil and is based in New York. With a multidisciplinary background versed in architecture, Sandra spends a lot of time thinking about three dimensions in her illustrations. Her work has been interwoven with textiles and clothing, published in editorials, printed on wallpaper, and enlivens ceramics through artist collaborations and through her own practice. You can view more of her work here:

These Tumblers are perfect for a refreshing can of beer or some simple water. They fit nicely in the hand and are intended for regular use.

This original piece is only available at SUPPLY UNICA.

Holds 12 liquid oz.
Measures 4.5" tall x 3.25" wide.
Weighs 8 oz each.
Hand-washing recommended.